How Long Do Dental Implants Last? Well That Depends On You!


How Long Do Dental Implants Last? Well That Depends On You!

Dental implants are a great choice of long term tooth replacement but unfortunately they don’t come cheap. Since a straightforward single tooth implant costs anywhere between $2850 and $6500, one of the first things people ask is ÔÇ£how long do dental implants lastÔÇØ.

This is a hard question to answer because the longevity of an implant depends heavily on how healthy a patient is and how well they look after their implant. Nowadays implant failure causes don’t tend to happen because of rejection or functionality. Instead it’s generally disease, misuse,and pre-existing medical conditions which cause an implant to fail.

Dental Implants The Ins and Out’s

You’ve probably seen plenty of dental implant quotes on websites stating that ÔÇ£implants last a lifetimeÔÇØ which is and isn’t true. Sounds confusing we know, but to better understand the longevity of an implant it helps to take a look at the components which make up a dental implant.

First there is the implant itself. This is a titanium post that’s surgically inserted into the jawbone where it bonds with the surrounding gum tissue and acts as a false tooth root for the dental crown.

Next there’s the abutment which is a small fixture that connects the crown to the implant; and lastly there is the ceramic tooth (dental crown) which is fastened to the abutment and is crafted and coloured to look just like your surrounding teeth.

Since the implant sits out of view in the jawbone, it’s the crown and abutment which are more at risk of damage than the actual implant itself.

While we can’t guarantee that your dental implant will last a lifetime, provided it’s cared for properly it should survive for at least 20 years, if not longer. By proper care we mean that you should be brushing your teeth and implant thoroughly twice a day and flossing once a day. In addition you should also be visiting your dentist at least twice a year for regular check ups. Natural wear and tear however, is likely to mean dental crown replacement somewhere between 10-15 years.

Location also needs to be factored into the equation since the durability of dental implants depends on where they are placed in the mouth. Implants at the rear of the mouth work harder and take more strain when chewing than those in the front of the mouth, so are more likely to fail sooner.

A Permanent Solution

Now for the good news….Unlike other tooth replacement options, the dental implants procedure is designed to be a permanent solution to damaged or missing teeth and has fast become a standard treatment. Unlike dentures, an implant lets you bite and chew without any slippage and once in place, you can almost forget that it’s there. Since an implant is placed into the jawbone, there’s no risk of decay, and what’s more, there is no stress on neighbouring teeth, as is the case with dental bridges. The most important thing however is that when dental implants are properly cared for they provide a permanent, hassle free solution to missing or damaged teeth.

If you’re considering dental implants then you need to see the best implant dentist possible. We use the latest technologies and techniques to achieve outstanding results. Call Point Cook Dental today on (03) 8595 2630 to schedule an assessment and take the first steps to restoring your smile.

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