Dental Implant More Versatile Than You First Thought?

dental implant

Dental Implant More Versatile Than You First Thought?

Most dentists would agree that a dental implant is the best way to replace a missing tooth. There is no other method of teeth replacement that can last as long; and furthermore, dental implants prevent the natural loss of bone which occurs when a tooth is lost – which no other method of tooth replacement can do.

Unparalleled versatility

dental implantsYou may be familiar with the dental implant procedure but were you aware that a dental implant has a variety of uses? These include:

ÔÇó Single tooth replacement
ÔÇó Multiple teeth replacement
ÔÇó Replacing all of your teeth permanently
ÔÇó Supporting a removable denture

Let’s take a brief look at how each of these methods works.

Single tooth replacement A single dental implant is inserted into the jaw bone where the missing tooth was, to replace the missing root. A crown is then placed on top of that to complete the look. It has a high success rate and feels just like a real tooth would. Best of all, it will never decay or need root canal treatment.

Multiple teeth replacement To replace multiple missing teeth with dental implants is both time consuming and costly. Instead, we can use a dental implant at each end of the gap to support a fixed bridge. This is strong enough to support one or more dental crowns which span the gap without the need for additional implants beneath.

Replace all of your teeth permanently Implants can also be used to support both lower and upper sets of full dentures which remain permanently in your mouth. Dental implants in one day need as few as 4 dental implants for support and help us replace your teeth in double quick time. It’s convenient, hassle-free and life-transforming!

dental implantsSupports removable dentures – Dental implants can also be used as a support for removable dentures. The denture clips onto implants to stop embarrassing slippage as you speak and eat, all while preserving the bone beneath.
So there you have it 4 ways a implant-based restorations can help!

If you’d like to know whether you could benefit from dental implants then why not schedule a dental implant consultation with Point Cook Dental today. Call on 03 8595 2630 and let us show you how we can restore your smile beautifully.

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