Fast and Effective TMJ Pain Relief Methods

TMJ Relief

Fast and Effective TMJ Pain Relief Methods

TMJ disorders are very stressful, and there are many situations when a patient is willing to die out of starvation than bear the pain that comes with opening the mouth to eat. A lot of patients are used to painkiller to the point of almost losing their mind in the guest to relieve the headaches which are associated with TMJ dysfunction. However, it is possible to get TMJ relief, and in several ways.TMJ pain relief can be addressed through professional care, self-administration, and neuromuscular dentistry. It is important to note that some of these pain relief procedures offer a temporary solution but do nothing on the root source of the problem. Therefore, TMJ disorder may persist.

Self Care Relief

It involves doing some exercises to relieve the discomfort. Here are the steps.Using your tongue, reach for the top part of the mouth while opening it as wide as you can. Breathe in slowly for about 10 seconds while still holding the tongue. Relax the tongue to its usual place for a few seconds and repeat the process ten times.

Another method is acupressure at home. This method is different from acupuncture as it does not involve needles. You will need help from an expert in this field to direct you to your Hegu Point (between the thumb and fore finger) where you will need to apply pressure to ease the discomfort.

Professional Treatment

There are several Orthodontic procedures that are effective in dealing with TMJ syndrome. A dentist can offer mandible repositioning to correct misaligned jaws through rearranging the bridges and crowns or give you a TMJ mouth guard. More so, he or she can prescribe supplements like Magnesium and Calcium to restore proper TMJ muscle functionality.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

This method tries to deal with the root issue of the problem. This branch of medicine is more concerned with realigning muscles, nerves, and tendons that are associated with TMJ to correct the uneven bite responsible for the problem.There are many other therapeutic approaches towards relieving TMJ disorders, but the best option is to go for a more permanent solution to deal with symptoms and causes.

Feeling that your jaw is switching side to side? Then try focusing when you open and close your mouth and at the same time make sure that your jaw is lined up first. Make an effort to practice it but not too much because it may worsen it if done incorrectly.If there is a huge amount of stiffness in the jaw, it is good to loosen it by this exercise. Slowly open your mouth as wide as it possibly can then close it. It can help lessen the pain if repeatedly done.

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