How Does Teeth Whitening Work Everything You Need To Know

teeth whitening work

How Does Teeth Whitening Work Everything You Need To Know

So, how does teeth whitening work? After all, if we’re talking about home remedies for natural teeth whitening, there are probably a million and one options ranging from strawberries to charcoal and coconut oil. However, it’s fair to say that results are probably mixed at best.

If, on the other hand we’re talking about professional teeth whitening (eg, teeth whitening products and procedures that are administered by your dentist) then that’s a whole different ball game. While they may be considerably more expensive than their home remedy counterparts, the truth is that they really do work. So much so in fact, that laser teeth whitening is now the number one cosmetic dental procedure in the world!

But what makes professional teeth whitening so popular and how does it work? Here’s the low-down….

Despite the fact that blackened teeth were all the rage amongst the rich and famous of Tudor England, a pearly white smile has long been seen as attractive, healthy and youthful. A dazzling smile creates a great first impression, improves confidence and can even open many doors. It’s no surprise therefore that in the modern age when people have a larger expendable income to lavish on looking great, professional teeth whitening is big business. In fact by 2024 it’s reported that the market size is expected to hit $740 billion. Add to this the fact that procedures such as laser teeth whitening can be completed within one hour – just enough time for someone to polish up their smile before returning back to work – and it’s easy to see how cosmetic teeth whitening is a 21st century answer to a 17th century sugary problem.

So how does teeth whitening work?

Typically the best teeth whitening products involve a bleaching process which can be carried out chair-side or in the comfort of your own home. Utilising either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in safe concentrations of between 10-22%, it lifts most localised staining located on the enamel of the teeth. While chair-side laser teeth whitening involves a short process, take home treatments are longer.

With teeth whitening ‘at home’ remedies, patients are given a series of bespoke trays along with a measured quantity of whitening gel. These are worn over the teeth. Before applying, each compartment is filled with the specialised gel which breaks down any surface stains over a period of time (usually several weeks). For best results trays are worn at night when sleeping, although in some cases they’re worn during the day for several hours.

Here at Point Cook Dental for example we use a tried and tested teeth whitening treatment known as Opalescence. It’s gentle, effective and can deliver a brighter whiter smile fast. Treatments can also be combined to suit the needs of the patient. So if you have a fast approaching wedding, job interview or even a date and you need to look your best, we can help you achieve the smile that you need. For further information, contact us on 03 8595 2630 to talk about the best professional teeth whitening available.

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