How To Get Healthy Gums 4 Top Tips You Really Should Know

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How To Get Healthy Gums 4 Top Tips You Really Should Know

Before finding out how to get healthy gums, you need to understand the role that gums play and why they’re such an important part of oral health. Healthy gums and healthy teeth go hand in hand, and really, it’s impossible to have one without the other. Unfortunately, many people forget all about their gums when they’re carrying out their normal daily hygiene routine and this can lead to gum disease which in turn can cause gum recession, bone loss, loose teeth and even teeth that fall out.

How to tell if your gums are healthy

Healthy gums should be a pale pink in colour, feel firm, and wrap tightly around your teeth. If your gums are red, swollen or sore, and bleed when brushing teeth or biting into crunchy foods, then these are all common indications that you may have gum disease.

How to get healthy gums again

While we can clean your teeth and remove any hardened plaque, getting your gums back to good health will require some extra time and attention on your part. Don’t worry, by following some of the advice below you’ll be well on your way to achieving healthy gums.

Top Tips for Healthy Gums
Pay attention to your diet

If you want to avoid your gums looking anywhere near as bad as you may have seen in gum disease pictures, then an easy way to achieve healthy gums is by incorporating certain foods into your diet.
This includes:

ÔÇó Onions – Great for adding flavour to your dishes while at the same time neutralising bacteria found in your mouth. Don’t eat too many just before a date though 🙂
ÔÇó Leafy green vegetables Greens such as cabbage and broccoli contain heaps of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, which promotes the production of red blood cells and reduces inflammation.
ÔÇó Crunchy apples, sticks of celery, or carrots Raw fruit and veg helps to reduce your plaque levels and promote healthy gums. Because they require a lot of chewing they benefit your mouth by increasing saliva levels which help wash away any bacteria collecting around the gumline.

Stop smoking

For any smoker who is wondering how to get better gums the obvious answer would be to stop smoking. Smoking is bad for gums because it promotes the bacterial plaque which causes gum disease. Because the act of smoking prevents oxygen from entering the bloodstream, the infected gums don’t heal and the gum disease worsens. You may be interested to learn more about the negative effects of smoking on your oral health. For healthier gums, it will certainly help if you can kick the habit.

Floss twice a day

gum care treatment in point cookWhile we’re pleased that you brush your teeth twice a day, it’s not enough on its own. Flossing gets rid of tiny particles of food which get stuck in between teeth and that can’t be removed with your toothbrush and for healthier gums, we recommend that you also floss your teeth twice a day.
Some people find their teeth bleed when they first start flossing. Don’t worry, this will stop as your gums get healthier and before long a set of healthy pale pink gums will be staring back at you from your mirror.

Pay your dentist regular visits

The last of our tips for healthy gums and all-round good oral health is to visit your dentist on a regular basis at least every six months. Regular checks allow your dentist to monitor your gum health and to remove any troublesome plaque build-up.

If you’re concerned about the health of your gums then why not book an appointment with Point Cook Dental by calling us on 03 8595 2630 . Our friendly caring dental team are always happy to assist patients struggling with their oral care.

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