What Do Dental Implants Cost And Are They Really Worth The Money?


What Do Dental Implants Cost And Are They Really Worth The Money?

So what do dental implants cost? It may not be as much as you think….

Sure, when compared to other forms of missing tooth replacement then initially, dental implants cost more. However if you look at the bigger picture and take a long term view, often the price of tooth implants costs less than other options.

Addressing the ‘elephant in the room’

Let’s face it, dental implants are without doubt the gold standard of missing teeth replacement, but despite this, implant-based restorations have one stumbling block, their initial cost… So let’s go ahead and address this elephant in the room right now!

Unfortunately, some people can’t see past the initial cost factor when considering dental implants for their options and will often decide on lesser treatments based on cost alone. In many cases, that’s a real shame! Here’s why…

Dental implants have been proven to last longer than pretty much all other forms of missing teeth replacement if looked after correctly. In fact to make a direct comparison, the average life of a conventional full or partial denture is somewhere between 7-15 years. Conversely, dental implants have been proven in some cases to last forty years or more. Therefore provided you seek the right dentist and follow all the right oral care guidelines, you should only ever have to make a one-off, one-time payment.

But that’s not all…

Dental implants are fitted directly into the jaw. As a result and unlike a conventional bridge they don’t rely on support from adjacent healthy teeth. It’s usual when fitting a bridge for nearby teeth either side of the gap to be reshaped to take the supporting bridging framework. This can compromise otherwise healthy teeth and will probably cost you more money further down then line.

On the contrary, when a dental implant is inserted into the jaw bone, any surrounding bone tissue fuses with it over time. This makes for a super-strong, long lasting, stand-alone structure which can then support a crown or a cantilever for another tooth. This means, no harm and therefore no eventual cost to other healthy teeth!

But what about those with multiple missing teeth?

Of course the more conventional (and arguably cheaper) option is to choose dentures. While modern-day dentures are more lifelike, lightweight and comfortable in the mouth than their predecessors, patients will need to allow ongoing costs for sterilising materials, fixatives/adhesives and ultimately replacement partials every 7-15 years.
On the flip-side of that, the dental implant procedure is designed to provide full stability for supporting crowns, bridges and dentures, so once they’re in position, that’s it..no movement and no replacement! A one time cost for a lifetime of service, that’s got to be a good thing right?

Changing lives is priceless!

While we’ve talked about direct costs in terms of cold hard cash, perhaps more importantly are the emotional costs that missing teeth impart. For example, when a person suffers a missing tooth or teeth, aside from the physical difficulty in carrying out everyday tasks like chewing, there is also the psychological aspect of how others perceive you. As such many people who experience missing teeth have a tendency to be less outgoing than they originally were. Some avoid meeting new people while others avoid going out altogether and can even become reclusive.

While conventional full or partial dentures do help solve this problem in that they restore chewing functionality and a lifelike smile; in many cases (especially as the jaw continues to shrink) they can be hard and uncomfortable to keep in position. As such, acute embarrassment can strike at any time if they become loose or slip when speaking. Understandably, not knowing when or where this is likely to happen can leave people feeling like their teeth are always in charge of them a pretty miserable experience!

Conversely, dental implants not only restore near full functionality but they also halt the natural bone shrinkage process. Ultimately for many people, they appear younger, gain more confidence and are fitter and healthier than they were previously. So, if we’re talking about changing lives…well..I guess you can’t really put a price on that.

So there you have it…. the next time someone asks you how much do dental implants cost..now you know…it’s a lot less than you might think for living a happy, healthy, hassle-free, normal life.

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